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So, Friday we picked up our keys, paid our prorated May rent, and moved enough stuff for us for the night, and the cats. I am very, very glad that we made the command decision to move the cats on their own Friday night, because they were freaked out, and that plus trying to move on Saturday would have made me nuts. Hope came over, we ate frozen pizza for dinner, and played a round of Scrabble.

Saturday, my wonderful father and cousin and Hope and a friend of hers and Jeff and I crammed all of our furniture and most of the big stuff into vans and trailers and trucks and hauled it up to Greensboro. The wonderful Dwaine and Heather had offered to come help us unload, but unloading took less time than it would have taken them to drive down here (if only loading and packing were as easy as unloading.) Still, the offer was much appreciated. Saturday night, mom cooked us stuffed shells for dinner and sent us home with leftovers. Hope and Andrew and I played some Settlers, and then Jeff and I came home early and fell over.

Yesterday, we worked on unpacking, very very slowly. We eventually ventured out in the pouring rain (what is up with this weather? It's May, not March.) and found Target and Earthfare and Lowes. Lowes had the washing machine we've been wanting, for $100 less than anywhere else has had it, plus a mail in rebate for the delivery charge and a $50 Lowes giftcard. We bit. We came home, had leftover shells for dinner, and were asleep by 930. I'm getting old.

Today, the Internet man came (huzzah), followed shortly by the washer delivery people. There is an astounding amount of laundry in my future; more if the sun ever comes out and I can actually use my clothesline (we have one drying rack for indoor use.) While Jeff was waiting around for the delivery folks, my wonderful father hauled me down to Raleigh for my last exam, to turn in my library stuff, and to pick up more stuff from the apartment. I need to shove $20 at student health, and then I am free of obligations to NCSU, and my diploma should be mine on Saturday.

Faith called wanting to hang out this evening, but she wasn't terribly interested in leaving her house, and since I'd been gone all day and I'm about to fall over, I wasn't too interested in leaving our house, either, so we decided to wait until later on in the week. She's home for the rest of the month, yay! And my sisters are now a 15 minute drive away, not an hour and 15, yay! And we have a guest room to put them in, yay! :)

The agenda for the rest of the evening includes laziness, breakfast for dinner, Maker's Mark, and Star Trek. The agenda for the rest of the week includes going to the library and loading up on books, going down to Raleigh for more stuff, more unpacking and arranging, lots of laundry, harassing temp agencies so I can pay my bills, and graduating.
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