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The kittens got fixed today (finally). They seem to be fine, though there was a very amusing incident were Marty tried to jump up on the bed (before I realized what she was doing; luckily, nothing seems to have ripped) and then realized that she just doesn't have enough umpth to do it. When the vet said lethargic, he meant it; they've been crashed out on the bedroom floor ever since.

I, on the other hand, am out of oompth, and don't have surgery and drugs as an excuse. I've this paper due tomorrow, and I'm almost done, and I just don't. want. to. do. it. I took a nap, and I'm feeling a little more with it, but I just don't want to. I will anyhow, though.

I went to go pick up a cap and gown today (they don't preorder unless you have a wierd size) and had a brief moment of trepadation when she was looking me up in the book and I was thinking I'm not going to be in there, something's going to go wrong, there's going to be some form I didn't know about or some requirement I didn't fill and then there she was, pointing at my name for me to sign beside and asking how tall I was, and then I was forking over my money and checking out, grinning like a fool. I've never been so happy to spend $28 on something I'm going to wear once before. :)

Which reminds me, I need to buy a pair of dress shoes. I don't currently own dress shoes since the disintegration of the cute high heeled ones the other week, other than a pair of black lace up stacked heels that I would really rather not wear to be on my feet for a couple hours in 80 degree weather. So sometime next week I need to take care of that.

Okay, I'm to the point where I'm babbling to put off working on this paper, so off I go.

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