joyce (joyce) wrote,

a mild rant on the subject of relationships...

... so, you've been seeing, whatever your definition of seeing is, someone for a bit. a week, a month, a few months. you're having fun, you're happy, they seem to be happy, things are well.

"so, are things getting serious?"

whut?! why does it matter? and what defines serious, anyhow? intent to marry? intent to date exclusively? intent to be with them in a week?

i've been accused, probably rightfully so, of rushing relationships at times. wanting to settle down too fast, being worried more about having someone than who the someone was. and, yes, if things aren't good, and the relationship isn't working, then i either want to fix it and make it work or cut my losses. there's no point in being miserable. but if you're happy... hells, i'm only 23. and one person's serious is another person's personal jail is another person's casual fling. why does it matter? i'm not yelling at anyone, just sorting out my head. and being amused. =]

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