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Today: more homework, more video games, more laundry. Not yet more packing, though there will be. More laundy. Erranding: I had a $50 gift card that was getting ready to expire, so we took the remainder of it and ran to Target and got a drying rack for clothes. A nice heavy one that should last, and considerably cheaper and more earth friendly than a dryer. It'll be nice for the days when weather prohibits using the clothesline.

We ran by Whole Foods (dish soap, Dr. Bronner's, fruit). Jeff dropped me off at work, where I ran a research methods review session, which meant that I had to be high energy and talking non-stop for two hours. Then I walked home, calling my folks on the way. I talked to mom about classes for the fall and homework and graduation dinners, and I talked to my dad about washing machines and Sears coupons and moving and homework. It was a nice long conversation, but between that and work, I'm talked out right now.

I'm also just about homeworked out, which is Not Good. I'm going to write two more pages on my myth final, then play a couple rounds of Deus Ex with Jeff and take a bath and watch some DS9 with dinner, and then I should be ready to go on the homework again. I hope.

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