joyce (joyce) wrote,

Dear faecat and clockworktomato,

I am still working on my alphabet meme. Thinking of words is, you know, hard. :)




Dear self:

You are having problems staying motivated, I know. Staying motivated is no fun. You've got a lot of school work hanging over your head still, not to mention the fact that you move in 8 days and you're not packed yet (also, call your cousin on the way to class, please?) So, here I present to you all the lovely things you want to do this summer so that you can remind yourself that more fun things are coming:

- graduate
- go to Seattle to visit and drive back across the country with Jeff
- learn how to drive again; possibly even road test for my license by the end of the summer
- read books for fun again. Lots and lots of them. (It's been since the middle of March or so; I'm just too burned out on school reading.)
- knit. a lot.
- learn how to can food
- raid your mom's recipes, find all your favorites, and get them into one place
- watch lots of Netflix. Next Gen, DS9, West Wing, BSG.
- exercise a lot
- get out on your bike more
- herb garden; container gardening
- go to GenCon
- buy a use spinning wheel; spin, a lot
- cook lots of good food; work on eating even healthier than you are now
- go to the Farmer's market once a week
- go strawberry picking
- pick vegetables out of Dad's garden
- play lots of video games
- explore Greensboro
- go to the beach
- go camping
- weekend road trip somewhere (get that Monticello trip in, maybe?)

See? It's going to be a fun summer. Now get to it, please?


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