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*snort* I took the "which religion are you" quiz again. I can't remember how my results came out last time - Satanism, maybe? - but this time around I came out with 88 percent Hinduism. I've spent a semester reading Hindu epics. Somehow, I'm not all that surprised:)

Buddhism came in at 71 percent, paganism at 71, agnoticism at 67, Satanism at 67, and Islam at 63. If I were just ranking things on my own accord, I wouldn't have ranked them that way, but then again, the questions aimed at, oh, Islam were not the questions I would have picked for Islam (side note, when you know enough to skew the quiz, you should stop taking silly quizzes). Judaism and Christianity came in at 33 percent each, and atheism at 13, which isn't surprising.
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