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What I need to do to graduate, a list by Joyce, age 29:

- finish reading Madhumalati (currently on p. 110 122 136 156 of 228; must be done Wednesday by 6) (done Monday)
- read TKS's paper for class Wed night (half done) all done

- begin and finish reading the Buddhacarita (217 pages of text, 98 pages of intro; ideally done by next Thursday) - started Monday, woot; on page 22 60 70 142 done done done

- Islam readings for Monday: three total (abortion, repugnancy laws in pakistan, and honor killings, oh boy)
- write final reading response ever for this professor (I've been doing them for a year and a half now, oy vey; he's probably tired of reading them by now), due Monday by 9pm done and submitted at 9:30 Sunday morning. done done done. :)

- Islam Final
- write 5 3 1.5 less than 1 more pages of rough draft on Islam final (at page 10 12 13.5 14 and change of 15 now) (ideally done by Sunday night before I go to bed) (not so much; there is nothing online that I can find from a credible source about Islamic law in the United States and child custody. There are print sources in the library that should do the trick. I will go there Monday; rough draft to be done Monday night I decided to strike the custody discussion, after finding one two line mention in one book of custody issues. With confirmed the issue that I thought would be the issue with custody, but one two line mention does not a discussion for me make. Feh.) rough draft done, WOOT
- write conclusion (done Sunday)
- edit down to 15 pages when I invariably go over the page limit actually, I'm happy at 14.5. miracles never cease.
- format footnotes (usually I do this as I go along, but I've been lazy this time) (Monday) (done Sunday)
- works cited list (Monday)) done Sunday
- after letting paper sit for at least two days, first round of proofreading (Wednesday Thursday)
- after letting it sit for two more days, second round of proofreading (Friday Saturday Sunday)
- final proofreading and edits (Monday)
- must be done by 1pm, Tuesday, May 2

- write myth final (take-home; won't get the prompt until Wednesday night, so all I can really do right now is get the books done)
- finish rough draft with enough time to ideally allow two days between rough draft and final proofreading; so, ideally, rough draft done by Sunday and edits/proofreading done Tuesday (luckily, this involves no real research; it's an essay, not a research paper, so I should be able to whip this puppy out quickly)
- new plan: 3 pages Saturday, 7 pages Sunday, 5 pages Monday
- round one proofreads Tuesday
- round two proofreads Wednesday before turning in
- must be done by 6pm, Wednesday, May 3


- complete Independent study paper:
- make all corrections from rough draft called on by professor made the grammatical ones, working on the other ones
- expand section on Jeruselum and apocolypicism
- expand section on Bin Laden and what he wants; find reputable sources for such
- expand section on training/recruitment in Crusades (if can find information) decided that I'm not going to find the information, filed it under the "further research" category. at any rate, it's taken care of.
- expand section on individual motivations for today
- expand section on individual motivations for Crusades
- expand section on Martydom in crusades
- correct intro to reflect what is actually going on in paper
- correct conclusion to same; expand to include further research possibilities
- expand on why second crusades failed
- find better sources for two no-author sources
- include information from other than Armstrong book
- expand section on societal motivations for current groups; reputable sources
- at 13 16 17 20 23 25 page right now; ideally, up to 20 to 30
- find notecard with additional notes that was clipped to paper and has gone missing, gnar
- double-check all parantheticals and refence section entries for formatting issues
- must be in by sometime (preferably 8am) Monday May 8th; email to professor

- complete Ind Dev study guide when she emails it out
- remind her about taking final early
- take Ind Dev "final" either Friday May 5 1pm or Monday May 8 1pm

This doesn't include what we need to do to move; that'll get another post. This is all actually pretty doable, though.

Meanwhile, though, the thunderstorm has passed, so once Jeff gets out of the shower, I'll get one, then we get to go over to Dwaine and Heather's for the afternoon, yay. :)
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