joyce (joyce) wrote,

You know, I deliberately picked a topic for my Islamic Law paper that I knew I wasn't going to be able find a lot of stuff on, because I really wanted to write about the topic (Islamic law in the United States, specifically questions about residency, finance, and family law). And it warms my heart that there isn't a whole lot of stuff on it, because it gives me a goldmine of stuff to do original research on when I'm in graduate school and later (my Islam teacher suggested what could be a hell of a thesis topic, if I can sell my advisor on it). But all of this doesn't make writing my paper right now any easier. :)

[eta:] I'm up to 10 out of 15 pages (the page limit is 15, and I've been told to not go over the page limit, period dammit.) If I could get my rough draft of this done this weekend, that would rock.

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