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I'm not sure where this week has gone. This and that:

- I've been getting homework done this week, slowly, though not enough. I'm having a prayer meeting with it this weekend, starting this afternoon. It's really not that bad, if I just make myself get on the stick. I have one paper that is a third done, one rough draft that needs heavy revisions, and one paper for which I need to read 250 pages of Buddha's adventures first, due over the next week and a half to two weeks. This is actually doable - I can crank out papers pretty quick - if I sit down and just do it. Luckily, work is letting up this coming week.
- All work and no play is no good for the Joyce. I get to eat lunch with Jessie and Daniel today and we get to go over to Dwaine and Heather's tomorrow. Woot! :)
- Somewhere in here, we need to pack. Oy.
- I'm out of veggie juice. We were actually in Whole Foods last night, and I still forgot. Feh. :)
- In Whole Foods last night, we probably had more fun than anyone should smelling the really amazing organic loose teas. Oh my word, there was some amazing stuff. I was faintly high at the end of it.
- I got my graduation announcements in the mail yesterday. Woooooooooot.
- I have Morning Thunder tea.

And it's time for me to run off and deal with yon football players...

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