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Yesterday, we drove up to my parent's. We hung out with my sisters and a friend of Hope's and mom and my cousin Andrew and his cousin on the other side of his family, and we grilled an unholy amount of food and I relearned how to play five-card-draw and learned how to play Texas Holdem (for chips), and we drafted help for moving, and it was great fun. We went over to Hope's house, chattered for a bit, she pulled out the futon for us, and we all collectively fell over.

This morning, everyone else got up and went to church a couple of times. We hung out at Hope's house, where I ran copious amounts of laundry and worked on my homework for Islamic law. We reconvened at the parent's, where mom fed us a really good lunch before we ran into Greensboro, took some pictures of the outside of the house and ran around B&N for awhile. We came home, I've done more homework, we've video gamed.

In short, I ate too much and we had a lot of fun.

I did not do enough homework this weekend, though I've done quite a bit. I've broken down what needs to get done between now and graduation on a day-by-day basis, and it's really, really scary. So I'm going to be falling off the radar more than normal (of course, my signal to noise ratio is pretty low anyhow, so it's not like y'all will be missing much.) But, it could be worse. I find some discipline and get things done for the next three weeks, and I come out on the other end with a college degree and a (rental) house. It's all good.
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