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Last fall, I had to read The Conference of the Birds for my Islam class, when we were discussing Sufism. And I hated it. I'm not good with poetry; I hate having to hunt for reading in my meaning and deciphering it and trying to figure out what the hell the author means. Just tell me, for frack's sake.

So I'm taking this south Asian myth/epics class, and we've gotten to Sufism, which means more poetry. Specifically, Madhumalati : An Indian Sufi Romance. But, strangely, I'm loving it. It's lovely, and beautiful, and easy to follow, and just... lovely.

God, giver of love, the treasure-home of joy
Creator of the two worlds in the one sound Om
my mind has no light worthy of you,
with which to sing your praise, O Lord!
King of the three worlds and the four ages,
the world glorifies you from beginning to end.
Sages, the learned, thinkers on the Absolute,
all have failed to laud you on earth.
How can I accomplsih with a single tongue
what a thousand tongues could not in four ages?
Manifest in so many forms, in all three worlds, in every heart,
how can my senses glorify you with one tongue alone?

... wow.
Tags: poetry

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