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This weekend, I did a hell of a lot of homework, we played a lot of Deus Ex, we went to the farmer's market and the grocery store, I did a bunch of cooking today, we got out for a walk yesterday. I think that about covers it. Homework ate most of my brain cycles for the weekend (which resulted in all of my Islam readings [63 pages] getting done for the week and my reading summary done, 57 of the 227 pages for my myth class that I need to have done this week getting read, all of my notes and readings put back together so I can find things again, more pages that I'm going to think about getting read in my independent study books and 9, count them, 9 pages of my independent study paper started and written. I'm actually going to have a workable 15 page rough draft done by Wednesday. As someone else, whom I'll credit if she wants to be creditted, said recently, the rabbit lives.) It's more reading than it sounds; it's slow and dense, this on the Iranian revolution and themes of happiness in works on Buddha's life. And a bunch of random piddly stuff off my todo list.

So, yea. Productive weekend. Who'd've thunk?

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