joyce (joyce) wrote,

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are really damned long days.

Last night in spinning class, we got to try the wheels for the first time. I like the wheels much better than the drop spindles; trying to keep the spindle turning and pulling the wool at the same time - both with my right hand - is a coordination challenge. The wheel is hard than it looks, though; it takes the right amount of foot pressure to keep the wheel going, and I kept breaking my yarn. By the end of the night, though, I was much improved. My first wheel was a piece of crap, and literally kept falling apart. The second wheel was a pint-sized "gossip wheel" and was easier to pedal. The third wheel I got to try was an Ashland, and oh my, I'm in lust. I think I'm going to try to find a used Ashland this summer. Using it last night left me wanty.
Tags: crafts:spinning

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