joyce (joyce) wrote,

The evil class of dumbness? Had 16 out of 50 people show up today, and three of those left before class was done. The professor actually thanked us for showing up. I feel a little bad for her, but only a little bad; if she were a better teacher, people might have more incentive to show up.

During class, we started hearing a lot of very loud, obnoxious hollering outside. The prof finally broke off her rant lecture and said "wow, someone must have won" and wandered over to the window to look out. She gets a very flustered look on her face and says "Oh, oh my. Oh my. There are some very nearly - there are some very nearly unclothed people out there for St. Patrick's day. Oh my." We all got a good giggle off of that.

I am, for some reason, insanely, annoyingly sleepy. I'm going to go faceplant in the bed with Marty for a little while, and then try to find something intelligent to say in the book club about Middlesex, which I finally finished today (during class).
Tags: school:classes

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