joyce (joyce) wrote,

all right... ten things you might not've known about me:

1) when i was in fifth grade, i determined that i was going to be a professional football player. plans changed when all the guys in my grade had their growth spurts.
2) my mom's nickname for me has always been pumpkin, or punky.
3) one of my favorite foods as a kid was peanut butter and ham sandwiches.
4) i spent two summers working for summerbridge and considered a career in teaching.
5) while in high school, i helped to build and race an electric car.
6) i hope to live in Russia one day.
7) i was almost 18 when i receieved my first kiss.
8) my mother was afraid that my lack of desire to carry a purse when i was a teenager would lead to me "becoming a fairy."

and no, i haven't imparted to my mom that she was right, just not in her reasoning. =] the only family members i'm out to are my two older cousins, though the rest of the world is fair game...
8) bon jovi is still one of my favorite music groups.
9) i did not own a computer til my sophmore year in college, and didn't discover irc until the summer after my junior year.

my, how things can change...
10) i've asked out my share of guys in my lifetime, including, as previously mentioned, the operator on duty in leazar. no one i've ever flat out asked out has accepted (well, one did, and then backed out) but i'm stubborn enough to keep trying. =)

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