joyce (joyce) wrote,

Easy week, because I'm not feeling like messing with much.

Sunday: homemade enchiladas (one 8x8 meat pan for him, one 8x8 vegeterian pan for me, aiming at leftovers for lunches and Tuesday)
Monday: homemade pizza
Tuesday: leftovers (because I have spinning class until 9:30)
Wednesday: salad (I'm in class until 8:45)
Thursday: chicken and terriyaki rice from a box (because it needs to get used) (broccoli added for me)

We'll settle weekend meals when we know that if my sister is coming to visit next weekend.
Tags: cooking:weekly

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    Dear LJ: Today my honey changed my oil while I drank cider and graded papers. I think I win. :)

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    Jeff is a rock star. When we moved into this house, one of the things we were told was that the central AC did not work. (And verily, it didn't.) We…

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    Jeff has been retrieved from the airport and is on his way to work. :)

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