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For those of you playing the non-local home game, Centennial Campus is part of the school I go to; we have main campus, which is the part of campus with the dorms and the gym and the health center and my classes, and we have centennial, which is seperate from main campus and down one of the main roads and has businesses and engineering classes. It also has very wide sidewalks and bike paths and very little traffic (foot or car) on weekends, which is a wonderful thing. :) So Jeff and I went on a bike ride. We were out about an hour, including a short break parked underneath some trees, talking about this and that and the other. It is a really, really gorgeous day out there, and it was a nice day to be out.

We also found a bike path to nowhere; it led underneath the road and than ran into brambles. I'm sure they put it in for future expansion, but it was frustrating to have this lovely path that went nowhere.
Tags: exercise:biking

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