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Yesterday, I ran errands in the morning, then had lunch (mm, Golden Dragon) and conversation with Tonya, then got to talk to my sister and Ginger for a good long time. Jeff and I had chicken soup for dinner and fell asleep early. Not a bad day, all told. I also engaged in combat with Damian (I don't normally name my electronic devices [I've even gotten out of the habit of naming computers], but it has earned its name), my birthday/X-moose present from the Ginger. In one day I managed to prove that, no, Apple doesn't make completely idiot-proof hardware, and the rule really is, if all else fails, reinstall. In the end, it was pretty amusing.

Today, I've learned that when one is already tired, trying to read one's South Asian Myth homework in bed, with the cats, will result in a nice nap. Something I knew already, and keep forgetting.
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