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I'm going to start posting our weekly meal plans, mainly so that I can refer back to them and make sure that we aren't eating the same things every week (save the fact that we do try to do salad once a week.)

Sunday: salad (greens, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, carrots, turnip, dressing, croutons)
Monday: chicken pot pie, steamed green beans for me
Tuesday: turkey chilli, corn muffins (I'm going to try homemade corn muffins, but I have a mix as backup)
Wednesday: hamburgers (half beef, half Italian sausage), roasted red potatoes (use the potatoes from last weekend's farmer's market)
Thursday: chicken soup (use soup and stock leftover from Monday), rolls (add spinach/brocolli for me)
Friday: angel hair pasta, red sausage, Morningstar farms sausage crumbles (add spinach for me)
Saturday: "salisbury steak" (leftover burgers from Wednesday, plus brown gravy), mashed potatoes, steamed green beans for me
Tags: cooking:weekly, homemaking

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