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Farmer's market report

Yesterday, we decided to walk out to the farmer's market (2.5 miles out, 2.5 miles back), mostly because we wanted the walk. We'd been out there last week, and there hadn't been that much going on yet, so we didn't think we needed to drive. All I really wanted to get was some more of the really, really good pink lady apples that we got last week, and some more tomatos, which wouldn't go off on the walk home.

So, of course, Murphy says that since we didn't drive yesterday, two local farmers with local meat and the goat cheese guy would be out. So we went back today with more cash and the car.

- pink lady apples, 89 cents a pound, 5 (I used one this morning, fried up with a little butter, brown sugar, and cinammon to top my waffles this morning. So very good)
- lip balm, featuring ingredients that I can pronounce (beeswax, avacado oil, sweet almond oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, and vitamon e oil. At $2, it was as cheap as the commercial stuffs, and we'll see if it keeps my lips any happier than they have been.) It's less greasy than commercial stuff, and so far I like it better. The lady was also very nice, and sold honey, soap, and beeswax in addition to what I got, so if you live around Raleigh and are the type to want things like handmade lip balm, go check her out. She was out yesterday and today; I didn't ask about weekdays.
- Shea butter and vitamin e cream, see above.
- hydroponic hothouse tomatos, same farmer as last week, so I know they're going to be good.
- 2 and a half dozen local eggs, $4.
- same farmer, one whole chicken, minus the giblets, slightly over 3 pounds, $1.75 a pound minus 20 percent. No antibiotics, no chicken bits in the feed, etc. That beats the 1.99 Whole Food wants for the same sort of chicken with a stick. Google says the farm is about 60 miles from here.
- one splurgy item, french onion flavor goat cheese. The guy had it out for sampling wrapped up with a tortilla and some turkey, and we were sold. This stuff is crazy rich, so it'll go aways.
Tags: food:eat_local

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