joyce (joyce) wrote,

Well, I got my reading summary for the day turned in. It's not great, but it's done, and it being done is all that counts in our grade. I'm slowly learning that I don't need to get the gold star every time. I've also found something for all but two of the 46 terms on our vocabulary list, though I need to look up some stuff in the readings that are at home. And I've started writing out answers to our essays. This time around, he just flat out gave us the three essays instead of giving us like, ten and picking three of those. And, really, I could write reasonable responses to the essays now, if I had to. So maybe I'm going to be in decent shape for my Islam midterm after all.

While googling for one of the terms, I came across a page that seemed to have the information I needed - in Swedish. Not so useful, that.

So I've actually managed to be reasonably productive this morning. Even with feeling like ass and having the internets to distract me. Wonders will never cease. But I should stop spamming LJ and trot back over to work...

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