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Next week is spring break. Since I tutor, and there will be no students to tutor (I asked one if he had big plans for next week, and he said "Going the hell home" :) ) I don't have to work. I have an entire week off with no obligations.

During next week, I am going to:

1. Put my new sewing machine needles into the machine, that I haven't touched in a month, finish up our grocery bags, and make myself skirts.
2. Finish Jeff's mom's blanket.
3. Finish all of the books I've started in February and haven't had a chance to finish. In other words, read, and a lot.
4. Sleep.
5b. Laundry. Laundry like you wouldn't believe.
6. Write my South Asian Myth midterm, and thank [whatever deity of your chosing] that my professor was merciful upon us and moved it to be due after spring break when we begged pitifully asked nicely. I've never had that work before. It was originally to be due this Wednesday.
7. Cook. A lot.

It's 100.5 hours until spring break starts.

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