joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, this afternoon, we went over to ambermae's house for brunch. The occasion was that it's almost time for her to start Lent, and thus, we should engage in eating lots of things like bacon. :) The food was tasty (bacon, scrambled eggs, OJ, waffles, peach sauce for the waffles) and the company was stellar.

After that, we headed out to the farmer's market, where for the princely sum of $8.80, we acquired:

- over 2 pounds (not sure exactly how much, since it was just a box) of hothouse hydroponic tomatoes that smell like real tomatoes, not styrofoam. *bliss* (and wow, they taste as good as they smell. woot.)
- 2 pounds of spinach
- 4 pink lady apples
- one turnip
- a couple of pounds of red potatoes
- onion powder

I'm pleased with our haul. :)

So it's been a mostly good day. My sinuses are in revolt, though (cold? allergies? I'm not sure. Both are possibilities; all of the kids I tutor have been sick lately, and it's been warm enough lately to make the allergies kick in) which is making the rest of me feel like warmed over crud, so food, a warm bath, and early bed are on the list for the rest of evening.
Tags: food:eat_local

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