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Have I ever mentioned my burning hatred for both the North Carolina State tax forms and the NC state tax system? If you have a federal gross income of less than $5500, you're not even required to file a return (that's me) but you have to file a return if they did take out any taxes and you want them back. Well, I'd like my $21 back that they took out before I changed to exempt, so I'm trying to fill out their blasted form, but when I do, I come back owing them like, $170. This doesn't compute. There's no way that I owe them $170 if I wouldn't even have to file a form. State tax forms should not be more complicated than federal ones.

edit: Found somewhere online to double-check what I was doing. Found the problem. The forms aren't set up well. All is well now. :)

edit 2: Okay, I'm officially glad that the NC tax forms are dumb, because I found somewhere to file online for free for both my federal and state taxes (, if you make under a certain amount of money) and I got a credit I didn't know I could get, which means I get more money. Woot. :)
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