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... and more cooking ...

Yesterday, I didn't quite get as much cooking done as I wanted. I cooked the rice for rice/artichoke salad, but didn't actually get the salad made. But that was okay; I had cheesy rice and broccoli left from Friday, so I was covered for lunch today, and I'll make up the salad tonight.

I also made up a batch of chocolate chip muffins from Alton's Chocolate 7 recipe. (The cookbook is at home; I can post the recipe later if anyone would like.) He tells you up front that these will not be as sweet as the near-cupcakes that are commonly sold as muffins, and they're not, but they're still very tasty. These also turned out a little bit dryer than I would have liked; that is more than likely my fault. However, the recipe went together easily - much more easily than the biscuits Saturday morning, but then again, you drop the batter into the muffin tins instead of trying to roll it out and cut muffins, so it would be easier to deal with.

Anyhow, short version: Alton's muffin method, two thumbs up. I was going to make banana bread yesterday too (banana bread + PB + honey = breakfast of the gods) but after I saw the yield on the muffins, I decided to hold off on that; I'll be doing well to go through the muffins for breakfasts and snacks this week. Next weekend, I'm kind of thinking about halving the recipe and making some struessel topped apple muffins. Alton says that the basic muffin recipe will take almost anything you want to add to it, so some experimentation is definitely warranted.
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