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So for my birthday, among other things, Jeff got me Alton Brown's I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking, (hereafter referred to as IJHFF) and I'm Just Here for More Food: Food x Mixing + Heat = Baking, which had been sitting on my wishlist for awhile. I've had a hankering for a couple of days for homemade biscuits, something that I've tried before and they've always turned out badly, but AB writes good instructions and a good recipe, so I thought it was worth another try.

I followed his "Phase III" recipe from the baking cookbook. I'm not going to reproduce the whole thing here, because it's pretty long, but they're buttermilk biscuits with some yogurt added. They turned out fairly well. The batter is very, very wet (as indicated by the fact that I used the word "batter" instead of "dough" without thinking) and he advocates using wax paper over your hands to fold the batter, so that you don't have to add more flour. Well, we didn't have any wax paper around (note to self, add it to the grocery list) so I faked it as best I could, using as little flour as possible on my hands. Because of that, they turned out more like drop biscuits than rolled biscuits. They were tasty, but not the uber-flaky biscuits that I normal want when I want biscuits. They would, however, make excellend cheddar biscuits. :) I'll give them another try and see if I can do a better job next time (though, really, they were tasty this time. Jeff approved, and he's normally gunshy [with good reason] of my homemade biscuits.)

We also had scrambled eggs, and IJHFF recommends making scrambled eggs in a double boiler. (Well, a metal bowl set into a pot with boiling water.) Unlike the biscuits, these turned out AMAZING. They were creamy (and would be even more so if we'd had the recommended cream in the house, instead of fat-free milk), moist, and cooked just perfectly, not underdone and not overdone. I have no plans of making scrambled eggs any other way anytime soon. (Note to self, these took about 20 minutes. Plan accordingly.)

Overall, breakfast was a success. It also took forever (though that will get better as I get more experienced at the biscuit making) and made a lot of dishes, but it's the weekend, so I don't care. :)
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