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Friday evening: Faith had workshops down here for her education certification to attend this weekend, so she arrived Friday night and spent a few nights on our couch. (Note: we've offered her the futon; she prefers the couch. So. :) ) Friday night's dinner was homemade pizza. Entertainment was knitting, Scrabble, watching Jeff teach Faith how to play Deus Ex, and the special features on SWAT.

Saturday: Faith got off early to her workshop. Jeff and I went to the library and the grocery store, then came home for an afternoon of video games, napping, reading, knitting, and a little homework. I got Faith unlost and after she got home, there was more Scrabble and lasagne for dinner (white sauce, mushroom, spinach, tomato for her, italian sausage and red sauce for Jeff, and a little of both for me.)

Sunday: Faith ran me around on a bunch of errands and a bit of necessary consumerism (yarn for Jeff's mom's blanket, Whole Foods for more groceries, Reader's Corner for a dictionary [I am totally going to miss Reader's Corner's 10 cent paperback racks when we move to Greensboro], this and that.) There were milkshakes from Cook-out for a snack, SWAT and half of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and homework and more Scrabble and Fluxx for entertainment, and big fat salads and roasted potaotes for dinner.

It was a damned fine weekend. :)

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