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I am currently reading (*counts*) 6 books. Which makes me feel as if I haven't read anything this month, even though I know I have, because I haven't finished anything, and thus, haven't been able to add anything to the tally. Which is silly, I know, but well.

My inner compulsive list maker is twitching, because the list of books I'd read in January got eaten in a data crash and I hadn't done my January reviews yet (still haven't, actually). It shouldn't be bugging me as much as it is, since in the greater scheme of things, it doesn't matter if a book or two isn't on the list. But it still bugs. (And no, the library doesn't keep a list of books checked out, it's not anywhere else, blah blah blah. It's just gone. Meh.)

I had out two one-week books. One, Memory in Death, I had to turn back in, because I didn't even have time to crack it and there's like, 85 holds on it. I think I'll wait to re-request it until it's almost time for spring break. The other, Cell, I was able to renew, even though there were holds on it (I don't get it, but I'm not complaining) but I doubt I'll be able to renew it again, which means in theory it needs to be done by Wednesday, which is so not going to happen. But I haven't been in the mood to read about the end of the world for the last couple of nights. I should be able to have it done by this weekend, though.

It's time to stop nattering at LJ and go follow Thursday Next around the world of books for awhile. (The problem with the Thursday Next books is that they make me want to read all the books they refer to, so I'll catch all the references. It's certainly not necessary to enjoying the series, but it'd be nice.)
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