joyce (joyce) wrote,

this and that

- I realized today that I have my library card number, which is 14 digits long, memorized, but I've never managed to learn my bank account number (9 digits). I do know my permit number, which I didn't realize I did until just now. I have major issues with remembering phone numbers (7 or 10 digits). Memory is weird.

- You know it's getting towards spring when we're both jonesing for decent produce. The store had strawberries buy one get one, which made them $2 a pound, which isn't too bad (I can't wait until summer when I can go do the pick your own thing for a $1 a pound), so we got those and some apples and pears and bananas, and there is going to be fruit salad (for days). Num.

- For last night's pizza, I tried half white, half wheat flour. While it worked for Jeff's bread the other day, it made for an extra chewy pizza crust. Edible, but not preferable.

- This weather just makes me want to curl up and sleep...

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