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Dearest self: compulsively checking your application status is not going to make ETS mail your scores out any faster. Okay? love, me.


Work was better this morning. The guys tried to pull the "it's Friday, don't make us do anything" thing, but acquiesced easily enough when I said, no, we're going to work. And they didn't think that starting to study for the next test two weeks early was a bad idea, this time. (Hrms, I wonder why.)

I had a nice lunch with Jessie and Daniel. They let me vent about work. ;) It's always good to get to chatter at them. I had a very tasty egg, cheese, and sausage croissant that has left me in food coma land. I really want a nap, but my house really wants to be cleaned. Maybe I'll take a short nap then clean...
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