joyce (joyce) wrote,

My current knitting projects are:

- a mitered squares blanket for Jeff and I (directions as you scroll down). This is my knitting that I do when I'm fidgetting or I don't have anything else that I feel like working on. It's good tv or movie knitting, because it's straight up garter stitch, except for the decreases every other row. This project started because my mother gave me inordinate amounts of Homespun at Christmas the year before last, and I wasn't quite sure what else to do with it. Each square is about 7x7, and I currently have 27 of them. I'm aiming for a 6 foot by 7 foot blanket, so I need ([insert math here]) 93 more (plus doing a border and stitching them together). So I'm about (not counting the border) 22.5 percent done.

- a Pinwheel Blanket for Jeff's mom. This blanket was a bitch to start until I learned the secret of knitting with two circulars, and then it was easy enough. It's been delayed by needle issues, but is currently carrying on nicely. It's also straight up garter stitch, and fast, since it's in the round, but each round is, of course, longer than the last. It makes good reading knitting. It's also in Homespun, which means that it's fuzzy, but machine washable and pretty. (I would have used Simply Soft, my vastly preferred inexpensive acrylic of choice, but I wanted something varigated.) I'm currently at a diameter of about 26 inches, and I'm aiming for 36 (or whenever I run out of yarn), so I'm about 50 percent done. Woo. :)

- a scarf out of gray Simply Soft for me, that's been on the needles for a couple years now, and that I need to either rip out (meh) or finish. It started out as lace, then turned into not lace, and the general idea now is to finish up with moss stitch or something in the middle and then make the other end in the lace pattern. It'll be pretty, if I ever get it done. It's about halfway through?

- a mitered squares blanket for my counsin. The needles for it got co-opted for my Clapotis, but I'm done with that, so I need to get back on track there. It's out of Simply Soft. Squares are about 13 inches, I have four of them, I'm aiming for 8 feet by 8 feet, so I need about 45 more and I'm about 8 percent done, plus the border.

Heh. I'm having an annoying desire to start something new. Maybe finally work on my sock knitting, now that I know how to use 2 circulars instead of DPNs, or to give lace another try, or something. Hrms.
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