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I was reading a post somewhere on someone else's lj (I can't remember where now) that was complaining about the women on BSG. I didn't actually finish the post - it made me really, really annoyed - but before I stopped reading, I got through a section complaining about how Starbuck isn't a woman, she's a guy with tits. That's been bugging me for a couple days, because that's not a fair assessment of the character, especially in light of what we've seen of Starbuck lately (the post was bitching about the mini-series, so that's not a very fair statement on my part, but well. =p) Even in the mini-series, I don't think it was a fair statement. While the world of BSG may be a lot more fair than our world is, genderwise, it's still not perfect, and the military is still a guy's world in a lot of ways, and if I were Starbuck and a big bad fighter pilot with a lot of Issues, I would more than likely find it a hell of easier (and a hell of a lot more fun, hello) to socialize oneself as a guy and get to curse, smoke cigars, play cards, and punch out my XO.

I'm just saying. I think BSG is eating my brain lately.

Today, today, where did today go. There was breakfast with Faithy (but not the normal endless rounds of Scrabble that accompany a visit from one of my sisters, whoops) and then a library trip, whereupon I ended up with more books (they just jumped into my hands, I swear. Really.) When we were finishing up at the library, Amber called to see what we were up to and invite us out to ... the library. Hee. :) So we met up with her and then ended up at Char-Grill for lunch (which is the first time I've ever had anything but an apple turnover there. It was the tasty.) We dropped her back at the library, and then came home. There was reading and naps, and then Faith took off, and the rest of the day has been reading, Next Gen, computing, more reading, and some gaming.

Dinner was an experiment that turned out really well - hamburgers made with half beef, half Italian sausage. They're very, very tasty. They would be even better with big slices of tomato, but the tomatos at the store today were hella expensive and not pretty enough to justify it. We've got a ton of leftovers, so some of them are going in the freezer and some will be used to make psuedo-Salisbury steak this week. Good stuffs.
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