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We watched the second part of "Home" the other night. I was expecting them to get a big fat goose egg when they went looking for the tomb. I wasn't expecting them to actually find the tomb, I wasn't expecting anything to happen when they did anything with the arrow, and I certainly wasn't expecting them to get anything vaguely resembling a map or any indication that there was an earth. These people haven't had anything good or lucky happen to them in ages, so I wasn't expecting it to happen this time. But it did, which makes me glad. :) Jeff pointed out that the only real hanging storyline right now is PregnantSharon, and so I'm wondering where things are going to head now. He says things are getting ready to take a sharp left turn. Maybe we'll watch the last episode on the disc tonight so I can mail it back tomorrow.

I'm really, really glad they didn't have Sharon try to kill Adama again. That whole scene was very nicely done.

Starbuck is really, really cute with her hair half pulled back like that. And it makes her look more human, because that's what girls with hair of that length do with it when they're tromping through forrests. So it makes her look more human and less movie star. Nice touch.
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