joyce (joyce) wrote,

So I came home this afternoon between classes with two express purposes: a bike ride and a hot bath.

The original intent was to ride down to the end of Kaplan and see if there was a cut-through to the local lake/park that is nearby. The main road that dumps into the park is crazy busy, and I didn't want to ride on it. From Google's sattelite images, it looked like there might be a secondary path that I could take from the less busy road.

However, I'd forgotten that Kaplan is really, really hilly. Continously hilly. The kind of hills that are annoying when you're out walking, but were really, really bad for someone out on their second bike ride. I ended up making a pretty short loop (3 miles, Gmaps Pedometer tells me, and then coming home. I was out 40 minutes, of which probably about 30 were spent either biking or walking the bike up hills, and the other 10 were spent cussing and catching my breath. :) I'm glad I went out, but I think next time (Friday afternoon, probably) I'll go down to Centennial Campus and see if it's any flatter.

Oh, and I walked three miles at the gym today. Plus walking back and forth to class and spending some time on an exercise bike. I'm pleased. I'll probably be sore tomorrow, though.
Tags: biking

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