joyce (joyce) wrote,

They've kissed! It's canon now!

Ahem. Sorry.

And the part about "you said you love me, you really love me, you silly son of a bitch" (more or less) made a lot more sense now. I'd seen reference to it in a piece of fanfic this week, before I realized that reading fanfic, even with spoiler warnings so I don't read something I shouldn't, was hopeless because it just won't make sense until we're caught up with the world.

Unless someone has a stash of BSG season one fanfic lying around somewhere.

I can't believe I just wondered that.

I always forget that Roslin can be a stone-hearted bitch when she needs or wants to be, especially about the Cylons. Maybe it's the voice, maybe it's the schoolteacher persona. So when she does things like say "She'll be put in a cell and kept safe" and then immediately says "put the thing out the airlock" it punches me in the gut, as much as the people in the scene, even though I've already seen her do something similar before.

I know that Adama is recovering from really bad life-threatening wounds and the percieved betrayl of himself by his son, but the "this ship is a family" thing is being beaten into the ground.

I really, really want to see Part Two, but we both have to be up early tomorrow. The crack will have to wait another night. I'm going to get twitchy when we've run through the 2.0 dvds.
Tags: tv:bsg

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