joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday, I got kidnapped by Jeni and spent the evening hanging out with her. We made chocolate cakes for today, we wandered around the mall, we came back to my house and got frozen pizzas from Food Lion and ate them at 11 at night sitting in my kitchen talking religion with Jeff. It was a pretty good evening, all told, and if Zombie Joyce hadn't put in an appearance mid-evening because we kept not getting around to eating, it would have been just perfect.

Today, there was weekend breakfast, and finishing an episode of Deep Space Nine, and some gaming, and the afore mentioned bike ride, and errands, including wandering through the new Cameron Village library (and oh my heck, it's nice. Really, really nice.) In the evening, Jeni and Huxley came over for dinner. We made chicken caesar wraps and the roasted potatoes of doom for dinner, and Jeni fed us flourless chocolate cakes with caramel sauce and raspberries for dessert. It was roll your eyes back in your head good.

So it's mostly been a good weekend. I'm tired now. I should knock out some reading and get to bed.
Tags: personal:life, personal:social

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