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My work schedule got unfracked today, which makes me happy. It's still not quite as many hours as I would like, but it's probably as many as I need for now, since I don't have a job I can do homework at anymore. It's also pretty random. And I might be picking up more hours; there were a couple of track folks that they were going to try get on my schedule.

I was going to be all organized and stuff tonight, and do my taxes, but then I remembered that I worked for the design company something like 20 hours right at the beginning of 2005. I'll probably need to bother them about my W2s, too. On the plus side, this means I'll get back more than $2.59 from the feds, which is what State took out before I changed myself to exempt.
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    My independent study paper (27 pages of text, 2 of references, 9375 words) is turned in, four fracking days ahead of schedule. I rock. :)

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    Last class of undergraduate degree: done. :)

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    And moreover, I am not in the mood to read eleventy-gazillion pages on the legal issues surrounding jihad. Normally, I would be completely interested…

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