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I've been on a minor cooking jag lately. This is not a bad thing. :) Last night's dinner was chicken pot pie with cream cheese crust, rather modified.

First of all, I didn't use a whole chicken, since I was cooking for the two of us, not an army. The recipe makes enough for 6 2-cup souffle dishes, which we don't own (though I'm starting to want to cook enough individual stuff that a purchase will eventually be made.) So I ended up using a pound of chicken breast and boiling with the carrots, spices, etc. Since it wasn't cooking nearly as long as it would if it were a whole chicken, I added a couple of chicken bouillon cubes. The end result was a reasonable decent chicken broth. We froze the leftover for starting soup next week. At some point in the near future, I will get brave enough to deal with a whole chicken and make great quantities of stock.

I did not put an vegetables in the pie. If we owned individual ramekins or something, I would have put vegetables in mine, but I wanted the leftovers to be eatable by anyone, since we have leftovers scheduled tomorrow night. I did, however, have some steamed green beans on the side with mine, and it was tasty. Green beans and portobello mushrooms would be tasty.

The gravy from this recipe is really, incredibly rich and good. Like, eat with a spoon on its own good. I didn't have "beef base" on hand, so two beef bouillon cubes went into about a quarter cup of water. It worked. I cut in half the gravy proportions, and it was almost too much but not quite.

I used about two-thirds of the crust mixture (which means I need to figure out what to do with the three inch log of cream cheese crust sitting in my fridge, but I'm sure something will present itself.) Not having a rolling pin, I rolled out the bottom crust with a glass and just flattened the circles with my fingers for the top. I used a 8x8 glass pan.

The results were delicious - creamy, rich, good. Satisfying. (As well it should have been, with the quantities of cream, cream cheese, and butter in this recipe. This was not a diet-approved dinner.) It needed more black pepper, and that was our only complaint.

Next up on the new recipes train this week: homemade graham crackers, and calzones.
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