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All I have to do today is go to one class. One class, which is going to last the 20 minutes that it takes for the professor to take roll (actually, there's 50 people in the class, so it might be 25 minutes) and hand out the syllabus and pretend to teach class for a few minutes before letting us go. Bliss. :) I don't even mind that it's a 300-level huge survey soc class and is probably going to annoy me, because I'm graduating in May and I just don't care. :)

Also, the pool, which has been closed all semester, will be open today. Yeehaw. :)

I've been looking forward to graduating, but I had no idea that the first day of my last semester was going to make me this happy. :)

Somewhere along the way I seem to have stopped liking the Dave Matthews Band. I put on some this morning, and it's just too... slick, to listen to. Maybe I'm just listening to the wrong DMB this morning, or maybe I'm just more in the mood for something else.

I'm the freaking Energizer bunny this morning. I'm going to go get some laundry done, or something.
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