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Yesterday, we were mostly aiming for quiet, and we got it. Faith arrived mid-afternoon, and there was grocery shopping and other errands, then Upwords, and reading, and some drinking (though no excessive tipsyness on anyone's part), and some Next Gen. I made chicken and sausage and veggies on the Foreman grill (short version: love it. Long review: coming) and potato cakes from this recipe, since I've been craving Claim Jumper's potato cakes something fierce. I omitted the cilantro and added some basil instead, and skipped the herb ranch salsa, since I didn't remember being that crazy about it at the restuarant. They were very tasty, and met with universal approval, which is rare. We thought asiago might be good next time, and we're tossing around sauce ideas, because they need something. I might also try baking them next time; while I didn't cook them in nearly the inch of oil called for, baking would still be more healthy (if less crispy).

Today, we've watched West Wing, been to the mall, made enchiladas for dinner, worked on Faith's resume, watched X-Men and most of National Treasure, and played Scrabble (which I won, a rarity.) It's been a good couple of days.
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