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Yesterday, we woke up early, got packed up, took longer than we expected to pack up, and headed up to my parents' house for Christmas. They had church in the morning, but we thought we had time to get presents done before church, not realizing that my dad had to be there early because he was singing. Woops. :) So we did family presents, and then they went off to church. I got my stuffing done and everyone else's food that needed to go in the oven done up, and cookie trays made. They got home, and we headed over to my great aunts' and uncle's house for the traditional large pot luck lunch. That was nice. There was some good food and good visiting. Then it was back to my parents' for more food and the rest of presents. We got some really, really nice things, mostly focussed on the kitchen, including a spice rack, a ton of bakeware, a large George Foreman with removeable plates, and a bread machine. I think we managed to give some nice things, too. The holidays aren't about presents, but the presents were nice, and showed a lot of thought, which is the best part of all.

There was more food and card and board games with my sisters and my cousin. Eventually, we relocated to Hope's house for more cards, and then got some sleep.

This morning, Hope let me run laundry (thank you) and there was more in the way of card games, then back to mom's to kill leftovers for lunch, then out to Borders and the mall to use gift cards (and let me tell your, Four Seasons was a zoo), then back to my parents' to pack up and hang out. The cats, after a brief aloof period, are happy to see us.

I'm tired, like I could go to bed now and go to sleep kind of tired. I'm trying to hold out until nine, but I think I might lose at that. It's time to put the new sheets on the bed and crash out, very very soon.

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