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"...if somebody was hurting my twins I'd drop napalm on Yellowstone to get them to stop. Letting some prisoners out of jail wouldn't be nothing and I've only known my kids for about 45 minutes."

So we'd slowed down on our West Wing habit, because there hadn't been a release date on season five and we didn't want to finish seaoson 4 until it was out. Well, it's out, so we got the last disc of season 4 and watched it all tonight in one big slurp: "Life on Mars", "Commencement" and "25". And holy wow, they were some of the best West Wing I've seen in quite awhile. Now I will wait impatiently for Netflix to bring us more.

I don't normally ask for spoilers, but could someone who watches this in real time please tell me if Andy ever gets over herself and says yes to Toby, please? My google foo is failing me and I'm trying to avoid reading plot summaries for the stuff I haven't seen yet.

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