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There's this meme floating around where you write 15 things about books. So...

1. Unlike a lot of folks, I don't remember when I learned to read. Then again, nearly everything from before 3rd grade is a fairly blank blur.

2. When I was a kid, I would read anything that wasn't nailed down, including almanacs and encyclopedias. I don't recall ever having any restrictions on what I could read, either, other than my grandfather asking me fairly sharply once why I was reading The Catcher in the Rye (this was, um, sixth grade or so?) It was for school, though.

3. Also when I was a kid, I would marvel at the Dick Francis hardback novels my dad and granddad plowed through, and wonder how anyone could ever read books that thick. Little did I know that I would, as an adult, plow through 1000 pages novels with glee. (I also ended up loving Dick Francis novels, as well as John D. MacDonald, thanks to dad and granddad.)

4. If I'm eating alone, I have to be reading something, either on the screen or on the page. I can't just sit still idly and eat.

5. I've always been very partial to mysteries; 37 of the 81 books I've read this year were mysteries. They're fun to read, and the plots often have more drive than plots of just general fiction. I don't read a lot of general fiction, though that's been changing with the institution of the book club.

6. I'm contrary, and often will refuse to read things because everyone else is reading them and anything that popular can't be that good, right? This is why I started to read Harry Potter something like 2 years after everyone else. I'm slowly learning to get over this bad habit, too. :)

7. I haven't ever read very much sci fi and fantasy at all. I'm really picky about what I do read, and some of it, I just can't get into. That being said, I love Terry Pratchett, and so I'm becoming more openminded about the genre (what does he qualify as, folks, sci fi or high fantasy?) I seem to like best the sci fi and fantasy that has at least some relation to our world (thus not requiring me to jump into and keep up with a completely new world). This may be why I loved Going Postal but just slogged through The Color of Magic for the sake of starting at the beginning of Discworld because, as a couple of folks have said to me, it seems like books will make more sense if I do. I also love alternate history fiction, which I guess falls into the sci fi/fantasy genre.

8. I'm also an author driven reader. I have a bad habit of finding an author I like, reading everything of theirs that I can get my hands on, overdosing on it, and then being annoyed because they don't write fast enough to keep up with me.

9. I don't generally buy fiction, because most fiction I don't reread. I'm starting to buy more non-fiction because of my academic pursuits. I'm a library fiend.

10. Despite this, I don't read much non-fiction. I had a resolution that I would read one non-fiction book a month this year, but that fell by the wayside this semester. I read for pleasure, and a lot of non-fiction, while excellent, is also a lot of work to read. However, I would like to get better about this, since reading non-fiction is about the best way to learn about things that I'm not learning about in school.

11. I cannot travel without books; I usually way overpack on books. I would rather have less clothing on my trip than run out of books. Once, on a family trip after my mom had stopped packing for us, I took more books than clothing. Mom was less than amused when she discovered this.

12. Actually, if I leave the house and go anywhere at all where there's a chance that I might have downtime, I take a book. Or two, if there's a chance I'll finish the first one. I hate being bored. I read between classes, I read in lines when I'm alone, I read on the bikes at the gym, and on the bus. I miss the bus commutes I had in Seattle because they gave me more reading time. I'm pretty sure I get the "must take a book everywhere" trait from my father, whom I once witnessed making sure that he had books when we were going to a funeral, just in case.

13. I hate it when I start to care quite a bit about the characters in a series and then the author goes off the deep end and does whacky things with the characters. Like Laurell K. Hamilton and the Anita Blake books, or Patricia Cornwell and the Scarpetta books.

14. When I don't make time to read copiously for pleasure, I get really grumpy. This may explain why I started going off the deep end myself towards the end of this semester.

15. I often joke that my perfect job would be one that just pays me to read books all day. In working at the gym over this summer and over this break, I am getting precisely that, and it is wonderful. :)

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