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Yesterday, Tonya came over and picked me up, and we did Subway and… 
14th-Dec-2005 06:05 pm
Yesterday, Tonya came over and picked me up, and we did Subway and Cook-out for lunch (I got my first eggnog milkshake of the season, num) then wandered around and ran some errands, then came back here and chattered for a bit. Then she left, and then Jeff got home, and we went back out and hit the mall and did a little Christmas shopping and more errands and just some hanging out with each other, which was very nice. It was a good evening with my Jeff, and it was good to get to hang out with Tonya; we hadn't done that in awhile.

However, I think we used up all of my social energy, because I bailed on Girls Night tonight. I just wasn't up to being social two days in a row. Meh. Besides, I have to be at work at 6am.

Work wasn't bad, other than the fact that I was sitting beside the door that opened out into the sub-30-degree weather, which meant that I was hovering over the space heater. I finished one book (warsop, you were right, Little Green Men was absolutely excellent) and got two thirds of the way through another (The Eyre Affair, which is so amazingly much better than I was expecting.) However, I am the tired from being up early. Tomorrow is only a 4 hour day, though. :)
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