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So, we had our second TDay 2.0 yesterday, and it went really, really well. There was a lot of good food and a lot of good company and a lot of picture taking, and it was very very nice. We got smart this year - everyone last year said "what can we bring?" and I said "oh, don't worry about it." This year, we had people bring stuff, which meant less stress on me and less time in the kitchen. We did:

- turkey in the crockpot. Very tasty. And we have leftovers to use for turkey salad tomorrow night.
- vegan fruit stuffing (recipe here; leave out the eggs and sub olive oil for the butter to make it vegan. I used a little lemon juice and OJ in place of the zests and only one apple instead of three, which was plenty. And intead of Italian bread, I found "sweet French" bread at the Kroger which was amazing. I love this stuff. I'm not sure that everyone loves it as much as I do, but it went over well. :) I think I'll have some for breakfast.)
- cornbread stuffing. Eh, this turned out okay. If I'm really going to make cornbread stuffing, I should learn how to make good homemade cornbread. Jeni liked it, I wasn't so crazy about it.
- steamed green beans and garlic. Note to self, make more of this the next time I feed them to people, they vanished.
- green bean casserole
- roasted potatoes. Make more next time as well, and time things better so that they come out of the oven as the turkey is being cut up. Still good, thought.

In addition, Jeni brought some amazing olive and rosemary bread. Amber brought trout stuffed with crab and shrimp that I spent most of the night talking about off and on, it was that good. Tonya and George brought mashed sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, which were both tasty (and the highlight of a couple hours, Charlie. :) ) Dwaine and Heather brought cut up veggies (thank you) and low-carb cheesecake (num. very very num.) and Gorski and Amber brought pumpkin apple butter pie, which promptly vanished. (Hey guys, is this the recipe you used?) It was seriously the best pumpkin pie I've ever had. I think I'll be making a couple for Christmas, if not before. It would work really well in mini-pies for lunches.

There were also four bottles of wine on the table. Verily, there was a ton of food and drink, and it was all really, really good.

It was a good day. I ate too much and blew my calories out of the water for the day, but not too much. The company was very very nice. We need to have people at our house more often.

The cats behaved very well as well, and warmed up to everyone quickly, even the people they hadn't met yet.
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