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So last night my computer froze up and wouldn't boot in anything but safe mode. We pulled my school data off of it onto a memory stick, Jeff futzed with it for awhile, I stressed, we fixed up his laptop so that I could work on it today, and we went to bed late.

This morning? Boots up just fine.

So I move everything into the living room, settle in, and get ready to start working on my take-home for my cults class that I need to finish. Only I can't find my prompt for it. Anywhere. Last I saw it, it was functioning as a bookmark in my notes where I'd been writing. I can work on it, because I have enough done to know what the topic is, but... gah. I need to find it before I turn in this final.

What the hell do I have to do to get through the next two days, sacrifice a chicken?

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