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I'm finishing up a paper, and I have West Wing on for background noise. Only it's awfully distracting background noise. :) "We've got separation of powers, checks and balances, and Margaret, vetoing things and sending them back to the Hill!" *giggles*

Thankfully, this paper doesn't suck as badly as I thought it did Saturday.

And actually, I take it back. It's good that this is slightly distracting... it's making me slow down and not rush through revising this paper.

[edit] PAPER DONE. emailed in it. wooooooot. :) :) :)

What I have left:

- two to five pages of my take home final for cults, due thursday
- 3/4 of my study guide for my social structures final, but it's already typed up, i just need to cut and paste from previous study guides, exam thursday
- 6 2.5 Islam essay questions to outline, exam thursday. Pity that the two ones I have left are the ones about the dudsie that I can't find in my notes. I'm going to resort to Wikipedia soon. Dear bob, I love Wikipedia.
- 3 Islam vocab terms to outline

This isn't bad. This is doable. My damned social change paper is done. :) In celebration, I'm going to sack out and watch the rest of Noel, and maybe take a hot bath, then figure out what's next.

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