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- There are something like four essays questions about this one very old, very dead, Islamic philosopher on my final on Thursday. I remember talking about him, but can't find him in my notes. My notes from one day of that class appear to be MIA, and I don't know what the readings for that day were because they're not on the syllabus. The academic gods are annoying me.
- I'm tired. I plan on sleeping very well tonight, if I have to beat myself upside the head to do it.
- I have too much work to get done this week, which, of course, is why I'm spending time whining on LJ. My concentrational abilities are nil.
- At least I feel good about my final tomorrow.
- I showed up to tutor this morning and discovered that left hand and right hand disease had been at work, and that I didn't have to tutor and noone had told me. Meh.
- At least this gives me time to work on my soc400 study guide. Which I should get back to.

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