joyce (joyce) wrote,

not dead yet

- Got a 100 on my PE final this morning. It turned out to be all matching, and she told us to work in groups. So. :) I'm taking it credit only, so it'd didn't really matter, but it was still nice.
- I'm really, really tired today. I think this is going to be a perpetual state until December 8th. I miss people.
- I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, even if there's likely to be family insanity, which I haven't gotten around to talking about yet. At least the road trip up and back with Hope and Faith and Jeff should be fun.
- My PE teacher handed out the wrong final this morning to begin with, nearly giving us fits at trying to match up piles of muscles with exercises we didn't recognize. After that, the real test seemed positively easy.
- This weather is making me sleepy. I'm glad it's raining, though, since we really need it.
- I should go grab my library books and run back to work. Meh.

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