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I don't normally post things like this, but...

I was in Girl Scouts for a long time when I was a wee Joyce (third grade to tenth grade, and I only stopped because I went off to NCSSM and suddenly had so much to do that it wasn't even funny.) My sisters were also in Girl Scouts until they graduated, and my youngest sister still works for the Girl Scouts. One of these days, when I'm a real adult, I'll get reinvolved.

The point? The reason we stuck with Girl Scouts for as long as we did (and are much the better for it) is because our troops actually did things. The troop myself and my middle sister were a part of mostly focussed on outdoorsy things, so I did a lot of stuff I never would have thought I could, like backpacking, horseback riding, and caving, complete with sleeping in the cave overnight (that was wicked cool, by the way.) We did other stuff too, including a trip to the space center in Huntsville, comunity service, and council events. I know so many women who say "Yea, I was in Girl Scouts for awhile, but we never did anything, so I quit" and my heart just aches, because it doesn't have to be like that, with good leaders and good programs.

Anyhow, there is a point here, I promise. My friend tyche works with Girl Scouts in Portland, helping run programs to help expose girls to science and engineering. She's working to raise funds for their last program of the year. Her original post is here and the web page for donations is here. I've known Jillie for a long time, and she's beyond above board. So go read what she has to say, and if you have a little extra cash lying around and want to help, please do so, eh? :)

Thanks, folks.

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